Get people back to work with confidence

Monitor your workplace for airborne illnesses

Ecology by Phylagen™ alerts you to the presence of people spreading airborne illnesses like COVID-19 in your office, facility or other indoor space.

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Testing the space is a form of pooled testing, requiring significantly fewer samples than individual human diagnostics.


No swabs in noses, no invasion of privacy, and no disruption to teams, tenants, or operations.

End-to-end Solution

Just login, get alerts, and make informed decisions.

Test the building, not the people

People shed germs to the air around them. By testing the surfaces where germs settle, Ecology identifies whether people in the space are shedding a contagious virus. It’s a non-invasive, cost-effective testing alternative.

Phylagen’s pathogen monitoring service is an integral part of our return to office measures. We believe this technology will become the new standard for indoor building safety plans.

-SVP, Silverstein Properties

How it works


We regularly monitor the microbiome of your space through simple, non-invasive sample collection.


Our state-of-the-art labs analyze your samples for SARS-CoV-2 and a growing list of pathogens.


Receive results within 24 hours on Phylagen’s secure digital platform; login anytime to see trends across a single property or your entire portfolio.

The virus that causes COVID-19, including variants of concern like Delta.

Secure results delivered in an intuitive dashboard

Results are delivered twice a week in a thorough and easy to use dashboard.

You can view results for all buildings in one place, or dig into the details of specific Buildings, Spaces and even Zones.

Trend data is presented to help you understand how risks are changing over time and know that the actions you take are working.

Results are directly tied to CDC recommended actions to keep your team safe and productive.

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