The future is tiny

We use the microbial life of buildings and objects to solve complex problems in a whole new way.

Microbial life is all around us. Trillions of viruses, bacteria and fungi fill every building and coat every surface in the world.

These microbes tell stories – like where they really came from, or whether the air is truly healthy and safe to breathe.

Indoor Health & Safety

Get alerted to the presence of harmful and helpful microbes in the workplace or home

Origin® by Phylagen

Verify and track your supply chain using microscopic dust from the material or finished good

We turn dust into data

Phylagen is a San Francisco based biotech company unlocking the potential of the indoor microbiome – the ecosystem of microbial life that inhabits the places we live, work and play. Our team of internationally recognized scientists combine microbial genomics and data analytics to solve complex problems in a whole new way.

About us