Dr. Scott Fay

VP Informatics

Dr. Scott Fay has spent his career applying molecular and computational tools to answer biological questions. As an academic, he trained as a molecular ecologist, using molecular biology tools to study coral reef symbiosis, eukaryotic microbial food webs and arthropod ecophysiology. He then joined Invitae, a genomic information company. While there he developed production software to support a rapidly growing clinical genomic diagnostics lab. At Invitae he went on to lead Dry Lab Operations, a group of twelve bioinformatics scientists and engineers. Now at Phylagen he has found the perfect opportunity to combine his scientific, engineering, and leadership skills with his one true academic love: microbial ecology.

Scott is happiest when building things both physical and digital. As a bioinformatics engineer he gets to balance analysis and engineering, enjoying the satisfaction of building great software that supports great science. You might find him seeking inspiration by searching for hot springs in the desert, backpacking the Sierras, or awestruck at the Exploratorium with his kids.

Scott received his PhD from UC Berkeley’s department of Integrative Biology and B.A. in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology from UC Santa Cruz.