Nick Parker

Data Science Intern

Nick works with the Informatics team on Phylagen’s data pipeline and machine learning model while pursuing a Master’s in Data Science from University of San Francisco’s MSDS program.
Previously at Bay Area Biotech start-up, Aromyx, Nick has 6+ years in microbiology and ex vivo protein work. As a member of the R&D team, Nick managed culturing and protein purification, and developed many of the lysis and protein preparation techniques used by Aromyx. In addition, Nick filled a Lab Management role at the company and designed both the Aromyx-Nirmidas Co-Lab space in Palo Alto, and the new Mountain View facility at the Open Medicine Institute Collaboratory.

Nick graduated Santa Clara University with BS in Bioengineering with minors in Biology and Chemistry. There he worked in a protein lab and was president of the Swim Club. In his spare time he enjoys camping, swimming, and keeping up on Oscar Season movie buzz.