Katie Spring

Lab Operations Manager

Katie is a professional lab rat with a wide range of experiences that make her an asset to Phylagen. From “lean” labs, to cGMP, to lab management, she has done it all! She has contributed to projects like tracking the migration of invertebrates in Bering Sea mud with rising sea temperatures, and discovering the best type of media to use for growing human neuronal stem cells in the lab. Her knowledge of human anatomy stems from time spent in a pathology lab dissecting specimen and assisting in autopsies. Her love of standardization and phobia of bureaucracy was picked up at a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant as a QA supervisor.

As an environmental enthusiast who is fascinated with the natural world around her, she can’t help but share her joy when seeing the first buds in spring or a spout from a whale out in the bay.

Katie graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Biology. In her free time she likes hiking, puzzles, playing sports, and cooking and eating great food. There are two loves in her life: her strapping and loving husband, and her 85 pound adopted husky/australian shepherd mix.