Retail & Apparel

Products pick up microbes in the factories where they are made. Improve the performance and security of your supply chain using the Origin Test™.


Food & Agriculture

Food and agricultural products are covered in microbes that inhabit all natural and human-made environments. Farms and processing facilities contain microbiome signatures that allow us to reveal new insights about where our food comes from.


Raw Materials

Raw materials also contain microbial life. As raw materials are transformed into finished goods, their microbiome signatures change, resulting in evolving microbial profiles as they travel through the supply chain.



The supply-chain history encoded in the microbial signatures on goods supports tariff enforcement, border protection, narcotics interdictions, and numerous other applications related to national security.



Counterfeit products carry microbes that distinguish them from their authentic counterparts. Analysis of the microbiome signatures on seized goods reveals hidden patterns about the supply chains of counterfeit manufacturers.


Unlock a new layer of transparency anywhere in your supply chain