Open Position

Director of Data Science


Phylagen, Inc. is a microbiome data company using machine learning to harness the vast, unseen world of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses collectively present in dust that inhabit every inch of the world. These “environmental microbiomes” not only influence our health and well-being, they also provide information about the origin of objects and raw materials. By digitizing microbiome DNA found in places and on objects we are building a data platform of unique, identifiable fingerprints. These fingerprints are then used in a variety of applications, including global supply chains for customers ranging from farmers to retail brands to government. We are turning dust into data to promote a new level of global supply chain transparency using the environmental microbiome.

Phylagen is seeking an experienced industry scientist to lead a team of data scientists and bioinformaticians. You will lead technical development of a product with the potential to fundamentally change entire industries around the world. The work will require a visionary mindset to help the company chart the future. This role represents a leadership opportunity that will build on Phylagen’s collaborative culture and empower every employee to be an owner of the business. As the company scales you will hire to expand our world class team to provide data insights in novel ways.

Phylagen is helping to create more ethical and responsible supply chains by reducing hidden risks of human slavery, environmental damage, and unsafe work environments. Co-founders include Jessica Green, who pioneered the field of built environment microbiome research, and Harrison Dillon, who co-founded and led an algal biofuel company through IPO. You’ll be part of a tight team working to build the first commercial microbial map of the world, and have the unique opportunity to frame how this novel data source is best used to improve human well-being.


  • Design, build, and oversee systems that support and scale our existing commercial microbiome product.

  • Interface closely with field and laboratory R&D in developing new environmental microbiome data capture systems.

  • Lead the team to convert environmental microbiome data into commercializable insights.

  • Advise the organization in technical strategy as it relates to business development.

  • Mentor and inspire a team of data scientists and bioinformaticians.


You have more than 5 years industry experience in building commercial data science applications. From this experience you can demonstrate:

  • Track record of developing robust commercial products from novel data sources.

  • Five or more years experience with hands-on technical execution of data science, machine learning, and/or bioinformatics projects. Expert understanding of Python required.

  • Strategic integration of data science with business opportunities and constraints.

  • Effective communication of technology and data science to a business audience and business priorities to a technical team.

  • Successful leadership, management, and mentorship of technical teams.

  • Success in dynamic start-up environments.

We welcome applicants with domain experience in any of the following areas

  • Machine learning

  • Data visualization

  • Software engineering

  • Geospatial data and statistics

  • Genomic data

  • Synthesis of disparate data sources

  • Supply chain and forensics

  • Data ethics