Bianca Miani

Research Associate

Bianca Miani is a research associate, primarily focused on processing the various incoming samples for subsequent sequencing. Bianca is most interested in expanding her knowledge and laboratory techniques of metagenomics through the development of microbial profiles.

Bianca holds a B.S. in Biochemistry from St. Mary’s College of California. Bianca has always been fascinated by the existence and symbiosis of microorganisms and humans. This curiosity led Bianca’s undergraduate research project: “Skin Microbes: Culturable vs. Unculturable”. Bianca explored the microbiome of the upper chest by comparing species of bacteria that can be cultured on a simple petri dish and bacteria that can only be determined through metagenomics. This experiment gave great insight into the lack of information, yet extensive realm of The Human Microbiome Project.

When Bianca is not in the lab, she is passionate about social outreach, art, and technology. She has served as a mentor for middle-school girls interested in pursuing STEM, at Stanford, as well as incoming first-generation low-income college students at SMC. She believes in the power of collaboration, expression, and innovation.