Alexx Smith

Senior Process Automation Engineer

Alexx Smith is an automation engineer with a love for fixing things. This passion drives her to craft automated lab processes and novel design solutions. At Phylagen she works with the lab team to transform their requirements into physical tools or automated processes. 

Alexx developed her automation expertise at a 6 person microbiome startup where she grew alongside the lab and company. In those 5 years, she became intimately familiar with the capabilities of Biomek liquid handlers and how they can be optimized to automate lab processes. Using Biomeks, she converted manual research processes into automated production protocols, thus improving sample throughput, profitability, and enabling new research. She further honed her design and prototyping skills by innovating novel laboratory solutions when commercially available products were either not available or financially feasible.

Alexx graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a B.S. and M.S. in Biology. In her free time she enjoys exploring San Francisco, cooking and baking delightful snacks, and all things science fiction. Alexx is looking forward to marrying her wonderful fiancé in late 2020.