Adam Altrichter 

Senior Product Manager

Adam Altrichter is a data scientist and molecular ecologist with extensive experience in microbiome research. His work has included characterizing spatial patterns of Antarctic microbes, classifying gut bacteria in pharma clinical trial patients, and shaping indoor microbial communities with sustainable building design and operation. He has been a member of trailblazing academic labs at the University of Oregon and the Bay Area microbiome startup Second Genome.

Adam is an end-to-end microbiome scientist with expertise in data generation through data analysis. In the wet lab he has devised methods for next-generation sequencing applications with a specialization for low biomass and extreme environments. In the dry lab Adam has developed scalable machine learning and bioinformatic pipelines for disentangling complex microbial communities and designed analysis products for researchers, executives and public audiences.

Adam Altrichter received a M.S. in Biological Sciences from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a B.S. in Environmental Science from Creighton University.