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Unlocking the environmental microbiome to create a more transparent world.

The microbiome around us is the most complex, untapped dataset on Earth.

The microbiome is the trillions of interacting bacteria, fungi, algae and viruses that inhabit every inch of our world: our bodies, our stuff, our homes, and our cities. We make decisions every day based on the visible world around us. Yet much of our lives is shaped by what we cannot see.

Phylagen’s proprietary technology and machine learning analytics open the door to new insights across numerous applications.

Microbiomes cover everything and provide information about the provenance of objects and raw materials.

The environments we inhabit contain unique microbiomes that influence our health and well-being.

The distribution of microbiomes across time and space can be used to forecast future states and events.

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Our Team

Dr. Jessica Green
CEO and Co-Founder
Dr. Harrison Dillon
Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder
Dr. Scott Fay
VP Informatics
Dr. Brad Taft
Director of Assay Development
Randy Rankin
VP and GM, Supply Chain Solutions
Josh Moser
Chief of Staff
Adam Altrichter
Product Manager
Nick Fantin
Development Scientist
Dr. Neal Grantham
Data Scientist
Nasser Hasan
Field Operations
Dr. Roxana Hickey
Data Scientist
Bianca Miani
Research Assistant
Tjarn Sato
Field Operations Manager
Katie Spring
Research Associate
Dr. Simon Uribe
Data Scientist

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jonathan Eisen
UC Davis
Dr. Christina Warinner
Max Planck Insitutes
Dr. Eric Berlow
Rakuten, Inc.
Dr. Rich Williams
Rakuten, Inc.
Peter Rumsey
Founder Point Energy Innovations
Dr. Katherine Pollard
UCSF and the Gladstone Institutes
Dr. Jordan Peccia
Yale University

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